Black Prince’s Ruby in Royal Crowns: A Gem of Majesty and Mystery

black prince's ruby

Unveil the Majestic History and Mystery of the Black Prince’s Ruby in Royal Crowns. Explore its Fascinating Journey Through Time and Legends.


We’ve all heard of those exceptional testimonies of kings and queens, their awesome crowns, and the precious gem stones that decorate them. One such gem, known as the Black Prince’s Ruby, has been part of royal regalia for ages. It’s not actually black, and it’s not even a ruby! In this article, we’re going to discover the records and legends at the back of this awesome gem.

Where Did the Black Prince’s Ruby Come From?

The story starts in a mine in Badakhshan, which is now part of Tajikistan. This gem, which isn’t from the prince or black, was first found there. It then made its way to Europe through quite an interesting journey.

A Gem with a Mysterious Past

The gem got its name from Edward of Woodstock, who was known as the Black Prince. Interestingly, it seemed to bring him good luck but not so much for others who had it.

The Gem’s Journey Over Time

The Gem’s First Records

The gem’s records starts with the Moorish King of Granada, and from there, it embarked on its journey to England.

The Gem and the Black Prince

Edward, the Black Prince, got his hands on it, and that’s when it got its famous name. He loved flaunting it in his regal attire.

Black Prince's Ruby

The Tudor Era

As time exceeded, it become exceeded from one English monarch to every other, which includes Henry VIII and Elizabeth I throughout the Tudor dynasty.

Why Is It in Royal Crowns?

In the British Crown Jewels, the gem played a significant role in adorning the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, denoting power and authority.

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The Curse Story

Many recollect this gem brings horrible good fortune. There are memories of curses linked to it, consisting of to its mystique.

What Does It Symbolize?

This gem become concept to shield its wearer and characterize braveness, ardour, and the divine proper of kings. It’s no marvel it is precious in royal regalia.

The British Crown Jewels

Today, you can see the Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Crown Jewels, displayed at the Tower of London. It continues to dazzle visitors.

Mysteries Surrounding the Gem

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Is it Really a Ruby?

Despite its name, it’s not a ruby but a red spinel. This has sparked debates among gem professionals and historians.

The Missing Years

There are gaps within the gem’s history, leaving us wondering wherein it turned into during certain periods.

How It’s Protected

Given its immense value, both historically and monetarily, the Black Prince’s Ruby is heavily guarded. It’s one of the most secure gems globally.

When Did We See It Last?

The gem has made appearances in numerous royal events and festivities over the years, establishing its reputation as a legendary treasure.


The Black Prince’s Ruby, with its fascinating records, legends, and mysterious charisma, stays an crucial a part of the British Crown Jewels. Its path from the Badakhshan mines to the English royal crowns is evidence of its continuing appeal.


Q1. Is the Black Prince’s Ruby black?

A1. No, despite its name, it’s not black; it’s a red spinel.

Q2. What does the gem signify in royal regalia?

A2. It symbolizes power, courage, and the divine proper of kings. That’s why it is been in royal crowns for centuries.

A3. There are superstitions approximately a curse, however it’s in general a part of the gem’s interesting memories.

Q4. Where can you see the Black Prince’s Ruby today?

A4. You can admire it as part of the British Crown Jewels at the Tower of London.

Q5. Are there ongoing debates about the gem’s identity?

A6. Yes, gem experts and historians still debate whether it should be called a ruby or a red spinel.

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