Ryan Gosling’s Captivating ‘Barbie’ Music Video: Witness His Heartfelt Performance and Profound Satisfaction with ‘I’m Just Ken’ Power Ballad

Ryan Gosling

All-star cast member Ryan Gosling plays Ken opposite Margot Robbie’s Barbie and singer Dua Lipa in Greta Gerwig’s “funny and smart” satire, which is praised by critics.

Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, sings passionately in “Barbie.” In an official music video released by Warner Bros. for the next Greta Gerwig-helmed blockbuster, Ryan Gosling performs “I’m Just Ken.” Gosling’s lovelorn doll struggles with always being second to Barbie (Margot Robbie) in the song and wonders what his life would be like without her. The accompanying video shows Gosling’s Ken sobbing and being highly emotional while being shirtless.

Ryan Gosling

“I’m Just Ken” from the official “Barbie” soundtrack, which also features Grammy winners Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, is the most current original song to be made accessible. Producer of the soundtrack Mark Ronson claimed that guitarist for Guns N’ Roses Slash even contributed to Ryan Gosling’s album after receiving the tune and liking it.

Regarding the song’s recording, Ronson remarked, “It was so crazy.” “On a Tuesday afternoon, Ryan Gosling, who is a major star in this film, only has three hours to cut the vocals. When he first entered, I immediately thought, “This guy is going to kill this song!” as he warmed up. Of course he would.

I’m very psyched, Ronson continued. He recorded the vocals, and we worked on it for approximately a year. He was excited and delighted when I sent him the finished product with Slash on it, which is what you want to happen when you’re making a sound for someone.

Ryan Gosling

Simu Liu, Scott Evans, John Cena, Ncuti Gatwa, and Kingsley Ben-Adir also play various incarnations of the doll in “Barbie,” making Gosling not the only actor to portray Ken in the film. Although some younger “Barbie” fans have argued that Gosling, 42, is too old to play Ken on social media, the actor has hilariously defended his casting in the media.

Gosling said, “I would say, you know, there are many other Kens to play with if folks don’t want to play with my Ken. Like, did you ever consider Ken before this? No, we’ve cared about Ken this entire time,’ it’s like all of a sudden. You didn’t, that is. Never did you. You didn’t give a damn. Never did Barbie have sex with Ken. That is the key idea. You would be aware that no one cares about Ken if you had ever truly cared about him. Your hypocrisy is now made clear. His narrative needs to be conveyed for this reason.

The cast and crew of the movie have been on a significant promotional tour before to its July 21 global release. One notable omission from the Los Angeles premiere on Sunday involved Noah Baumbach, the film’s co-writer. He chose to remain at home in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America, who are now on strike.

Warner Bros.’ “Barbie” debuts in theaters nationwide on July 21. Check out the music video “I’m Just Ken” below.

I’m Just Ken

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